Moment Catcher

Moment catcher, by Enkel Dika Nice illustration to wear in a tee shirt. People will stop and dedicate some time to check it out in detail! buy here (22$) Advertisements

Lost at sea

Lost at sea by, Terry Fan Beautiful hand drawn design by Terry Fan. Lost at sea, colonized by it’s creatures, represented in this unique T-Shirt. buy here (22$)

Moon climbing

Moon climbing, by Los Tomatos Dreamy design by Los Tomatos. Reaching the moon with a rope, climbing it in a clear night, stars as companions on a wondrous trip. Perfect set up for a visionaire T-Shirt. buy here (22$)


Growth, by Kerby Rosanes Stunning detailed sketch by Kerby Rosanes, an illustrator based in Filipines, with a long proffesional track allready. I made a post about him a while ago in my other blog, insertart, you can check it out here. buy here (42$) Also, available as tee, for 22$   For a more detailed look.

The whisk wasn’t the tallest

The whisk wasn’t the tallest, by Marc Johns The whisk wasn’t the tallest, but had terrific hair. Imaginative t-shirt by Marc Johns, cunning illustrator. buy here (22$)

Our time

Our time, by Henn Kim Imaginative design for a Tee Shirt to wear. Black and white art. buy here (22$)


Orca, by Amy Hamilton Expresive orca representation by Amy Hamilton. She mixes watercolor and photoshop, creating unique portraits of the natural world inhabitants. buy here (28$)


Shark, by Alexis Marcou Sketchy shark, elegantly drawn by Alexis Marcou, stylish design for this unisex tank top to wear. buy here (22$)

Refuse to sink

Refuse to sink, by Matthew Taylor Positive feeling greatly presented on this design by Matthew Taylor. Mostly all of his work is about that, positive messages using black and white art. buy here (22$)

Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees

I just found this search engine project, Ecosia, that uses it’s income to plant trees. I think it is an iniciative definately worth sharing. Their main goal is creating a green wall in Africa, containing the unstopable advance of the Sahara desert, while involving local comunities in the care and use of the new planted…

A happy place

A happy place, by Norman Duenas Lively design by Norman Duenas. Indeed, it seems like a happy place.I would definately wear a T-Shirt like this.  #happy #teeshirt #elephant #illustration buy here (22$)

Lonely whale

Lonely whale by Pablo Label (a.k.a. me) This was one of the first tee shirts I ever created. Oceans mesmerise me, for what you see, and what you not. The sense of vastness bellow scares yet amazes me. I wear this to work and people like it a lot. buy here (22$) #wildlife #oceans #whale #iceberg